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Sutter Creek Offers the Best Wedding Venues for Outdoor Enthusiasts.

Are you looking to celebrate your special day? If you are getting ready for your wedding ceremony, you probably need to find the best wedding venues in Sutter Creek and the surrounding area. Fortunately, The Gardens at Sutter Creek, located downtown, are the ideal spot for outdoor wedding enthusiasts.


When you sign up for a reception or ceremony at The Gardens, you get access to two private acres of natural beauty. From charming gardens to our beautiful waterfall, you won't have any problem finding a picturesque backdrop in order to say your vows. If you book your reception through The Gardens, you'll be happy to know that we offer several locations for your after party. The Grand Gardens are amazing for larger weddings while the Hydrangea House is an excellent place to get prepped. When our wedding is done, head to The Arbor to celebrate an intimate reception.


Don't settle for anything less than the best wedding venues in the area. Call our team today in order to discuss your pricing package options!

Best Wedding Venues

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