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Cheap Wedding Venues Can Still Be Classy When You Know What To Look For!

When people start looking for cheap wedding venues, what they really want is an affordable venue. When you book your wedding with the Gardens at Sutter Creek, you are booking a wedding venue that is affordable yet still upscale. What makes The Gardens one of the best cheap wedding venues in Sutter Creek?


The Gardens at Sutter Creek provide access to every single element of a wedding that you could possibly need. We are situated on two acres of gorgeous land, located in downtown Sutter Creek. We are an accessible location with a variety of choices for you to make so that your wedding is as unique and beautiful as you are.


You can prepare at our salon-style building before celebrating your wedding before the beautiful Falls. When you are ready to celebrate your reception, amble down to The Arbor where you can find lovely cocktails, great company, and beautiful views no matter where you look.

Cheap Wedding Venues

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