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Country Wedding Venues Offer Exciting Rustic Elements

An outdoor wedding in Sutter Creek, California, can be yours when you turn to The Gardens at Sutter Creek. Located downtown, The Gardens offer wedding parties the opportunity to book one of the best country wedding venues in the entire region. What sets The Garden apart from other wedding venues? That's a great question.


When you book your wedding or ceremony through The Gardens, you are embracing the convenient beauty that our establishment has to offer. Located on two acres of private property, The Gardens are filled with shade trees, elaborate gardens, wedding halls, and even a waterfall. You'll find everything that your wedding party needs in order to make your wedding one to remember.


At The Gardens, we do our best to offer everything that you could possibly expect out of one of the best country wedding venues in the state. With three separate price packages, you'll be sure to find one that fits your needs.

Country Wedding Venues

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