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Small Wedding Venues Can Bring Families Together.

There is something to be said about celebrating your special day at one of the best small wedding venues in Sutter Creek. Small wedding venues provide for an intimate and enjoyable experience that everyone involved will remember. If you want to celebrate your wedding in this way, you'll want to give The Gardens at Sutter Creek a call.


When you have a small wedding and ceremony at The Gardens, you'll be able to enjoy every aspect of your wedding without having to drive around town. Instead of bundling everyone into their cars in order to drive to the reception area, simply walk over to our party building, the Arbor. When it is time for your ceremony to begin, you can head to our glistening waterfall at The Falls or you can celebrate at The Grand Gardens.


No matter what you want from a small wedding venues, you will find it when you celebrate at The Gardens at Sutter Creek.

Small Wedding Venues

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